The Island: Op. Thunderstorm (Part 1, 2018.)

Ex. KGB agent, Colonel Anatolij Semjonov, dissatisfied with the Russian foreign politics to the NATO Alliance, decides to return „old glory“ to the Mother Russia. He gathers the same minded followers, his former comrades reinforced with young Spetsnaz forces as well.

His plan is to create computer virus that needs to be uploaded to the NATO’s main frame computer system, which is situated in naval base in Mediterranean sea. If he manages to upload the virus, he will be able to control NATO’s nuclear arsenal.

The idea is to launch one missile to the Moscow, that looks like an act of war to the Russia. That will give him an opportunity to take command over Russian army and strike back.

But his plan requires an IT expert who will create such kind of virus. There is only one person who can create it, lone wolf, code name „Frost“. Frost last residence is unknown, so Col. Semjonov first needs to locate him and persuade to „work“ for him. If Frost decides to cooperate with Semjonov and create virus, it must be manually uploaded to the main frame computer.
It will be a hard job because there is Semjonov’s „old friend“ general Jack Donovan on the other side, NATO Chief in command.

Can gen. Donovan prevent nuclear war or the World we know will disappear in the nuclear dust…? We will see…at The Island…!

The Island: Op. Retribution (Part 2, 2019.)

After the “Black Berets” conflict, Colonel Semjonov forces got in possession of nuclear missiles launching codes and took control over NATO’s launching command center.

However, nuclear missiles can be ready for launching within 24 hrs if they start now with filling missiles with rocket fuel which is still under NATO forces control.

So, Col. Semjonov ordered total offensive at remaining NATO forces with one goal: exterminating last one of them and founding rocket fuel.

But in the meantime, General Donovan manage to regroup remaining NATO forces and decide to play last card possible…all or nothing


The Island: Hell’s Gate (Part 3, 2020.)

20 years later…Colonell Semjonov & General Donovan are gone…NATO Alliance colapsed…Russia is no longer military force…
The World we knew…The World we lived in…is falling apart. Fighting for survival…for natural resources are daily routine all over the World. Fresh water became the most precious resource and whoever posses water, will become the most powerfull person in the World…
One of the most notorious person on the planet is former PMC & weapon dealer, Kyle “The Hitman” Barnes…he assembled little private army consists of elite PMC’s, known as “The Raiders”. Their satelites discovered great site of fresh water on remote and secret location but at the same time, Russian oligarch, Viktor Smirnov paid great amount of money for that info and decided to start the race for the water. But since the water site is very remote, he will need help. Only who could help him is Kyle’s former partner and ex-friend, Jack “The French” Mercier…Smirnov hired “The French” who will lead the Spetsnaz commandos…
Who will come first and became the most powerful person in the world…?
Whoever it will be, must go through The Hell’s Gate…!!!