1. All participants must obey Croatian laws.

2. Drinking alcohol during game is ALLOWED but drunk players will be kicked out of the game for that day.

3. Using any kind of drugs on the island is strictly FORBIDDEN!

Anyone found breaking the rules above will be immediately banned from the game and escorted from the island.

4. NO OPEN FIRE or using any type of explosive materials and/or devices!!!

Due to significant risk of fire (dry trees, grass…), it is strictly forbidden to smoke in-game! Smoking is allowed only in designated areas.

Anyone found breaking this particular rule won’t be allowed to participate in the game any more.

5. NO real steel or cold weapons.

6. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to insult or physically violate other participants in any way.

Violation of this particular rule will result in immediate exclusion from the game and from the island!!!

7.  It is strictly forbidden to shoot any animals seen during your stay on the island!

8. In case of any rule violation, every participant can report it to his team leader who will report that to the GAME MASTER. Game master decides about consequences and his word is FINAL!!!


The Riders: baseball caps ONLY!!!

Spetsnaz: bandana or head wrap ONLY!!!

You can use any uniform you like.

Helmet is allowed for booth sides. Players wearing helmets will be labeled with blue armband for The Raiders side and red armband for Spetsnaz side.


There will be several medics assigned to each team (10 players-1 medic), who will be in charge of “healing”. After the player has been hit, he/she must loudly say: HIT (in any part of the body or equipment), he/she can call for medic who will try to heal him/her by putting bandage on the arm. Each player can receive 2 medic bandages. Third time hit, player must take 5 minutes bleed out time and after that must go to the nearest MASH. 

Bleed out time is 5 min. If a player bleeds out, he/she needs to go to respawn and wait to return to the game. Returning to game from the respawn is every 20 minutes or on the full hour (if player comes to the MASH at the 13:37, he can leave at 13:40 or if he comes at 13:57 he can leave at 14:00).

Healing is made from team medic by putting bandage and keeping in contact for a minute by keeping both hands on a wounded player who is sitting or laying on the ground. 

After a player has been “wounded”, he/she must stand on the same spot and call for MEDIC. If the person got hit/wounded on an entrance or a window, he/she can step away from the fire line to clear lines of sight, but only 1-2 meters away from the position he/she got hit/wounded.

Medic can drag or walk with wounded player to a safe position for healing. Running with a wounded player is not allowed.

Dead men do not talk!!!

Wounded player can not be hit during healing – player can only be hit when healing is done and his/her reflecting vest is removed.

Medic can be hit during healing but medic is not allowed to act during healing. If medic stops with healing and decides to return fire, he/she must repeat the healing process all over again.

When medic has been hit, he can be healed by another medic or by two other players with standard procedure.

SILENT KILL RULE: Silent kill rule applies ONLY with physical touch, both hands need to be placed on the opponents shoulders and SILENT KILL need to be spoken 3 times. Anything beside that will not result as a SILENT KILL. “Killed” player needs to go immediately to the respawn without saying anything.

RICOCHETS don’t count as a KILL!!!


Guided by our experience, we have decided to set this RULES:  

  1. ANY kind of explosives are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!!!
  2. NO OPEN FLAME or SMOKING in AO (area of operations)!!!
  3. NO smoke grenades or flash bangs at ALL!!!



CQB – semi auto (SINGLE) ONLY!!! (try to aim chest and legs):

1,14 J- 1,25 J

For safety reasons, it is NOT ALLOWED to use heavier BB’s than 0,25g.


A player who is 3-5 meters from the outer wall of the building that he is attacking is considered to be INSIDE the building and can shoot SEMI ONLY at the enemy inside the building. Distance of 5 meters of the outer wall is considered as a game within the facility.


If you are 5 or less meters away from your opponent, please apply BANG-BANG rule (do not shoot, just say BANG-BANG) or if need to shoot, SEMI ONLY (SINGLE)!!!

Player who was BANGED, needs to take HIT without shooting back and call for a medic or wait for the bleed out to go to the MASH!!!

AEG: 1,49 J – 1,56 J 

AEG machine gun: 1,88 J-1,96 J (min. range 15m) 

Semi-auto sniper: 2,32 J-2,42 J (min. range 20m) 

Bolt action sniper: 3,34 J-3,46 J (min. range 30m) 

Bio BB’s ONLY: 0,20., 0.25g., 0.28.,  0,30., 0.36., 0.40., 0.43.; 

Measurements will be with the weight of the BB’s you are using during the game, any violation of this rule will be punished by banning that replica until the end of the game.

Low & mid cap; NO HIGH CAP!

HPA replicas are ALLOWED!!!


There will be MARSHALS (CAD-Slovenia) on the field with CHRONOGRAPH taking random replicas checking. If you are caught with unsuitable replica you will be WARNED and asked to change it. SECOND VIOLATION of this rule will cause excluding you from the game and the island as well on your own cost. So, please, prepare your replicas to fit strength rules to avoid any possible problems.

MARSHALS will be on site applying game rules on playing sides. If there is any problems, please refer it to your squad or team leader who will then refer it to the closest MARSHAL who will decide about it. If there is major problem, MARSHAL will refer it to the GAME MASTER who will give the final decision.


The definition of being “Hit” is when the airsoft BB hits any part of the players’ clothing, body, or weapon.

Once a player is “Hit”, he or she will raise their weapon over their head and shout “HIT” and put reflecting (green, yellow or red) west on a visible point.

Safety kill rule will apply to ALL 5-6 meter distances by just pointing weapon and saying “BANG-BANG”. Eye contact must be established. “Killed” player can call for a MEDIC.

Silent kill rule will apply to close range distance by just saying three times “SILENT KILL” and little touch with both hands on the opponents shoulders. “Killed” player is instantly going to the MASH for respawn.


Ricochets DO NOT count as hits.

Hits through the bushes COUNT as a kill.

It is NOT ALLOWED to call enemies hit. You are allowed to shot on enemies till HIT has been shout.

If you have any issues with enemies not calling HIT, report it to your team leader, who will report that to GAME MASTER/MARSHALL.

All integrity violations and non calling of “hits” will be dealt with swiftly and severely. Failure to call hits will result in an immediate ejection from that day’s game event.


There will be mandatory chronings at check in, please get all your guns to the check-in before the game. Also chronings will be done if we suspect cheating or as a result of player complaints. It is every player’s responsibility to follow the rules, and make sure that their guns are chroned according to the appropriate gun classes. 8mm BB´s are not allowed.


– Every single replica needs to have attached flashlight or muzzle flash, lightning during shooting or using tracer BB’s.

RED glowstick or red light helmet mounted must be used when player has been hit.

– There will be NO MEDICS, when the player has been shot must go to the closest MASH for a respawn which is every 15 minutes or on full hour (00:00; 00:15; 00:30; 00:45; 01:00, etc..).

– NVG or thermal scopes  are ALLOWED…you can use whatever you want, however you want…this game will be 100% HARDCORE MILSIM.

NOTE: Night game is not MANDATORY to everybody. Anyone who is not comfortable to play at night or not physically prepared, can stay in his HQ, having smaller missions or tasks prepared by his team leader. Night games are generaly dangerous and extreme caution is needed, especially on the unknown terrain. Regarding that, using a flashlight is highly recommended!!!